Explore, Capture, Create: Your Journey Begins Here.

Embrace the call of the shutter and step into the realm of extraordinary with our meticulously crafted 12-week master class, guided by master photographer, Charlie Naebeck. As you traverse through this expansive journey, you'll unravel the art and science of photography, equipping yourself with the prowess to seize moments and etch them into eternity - the adventure of your creative journey awaits!

Lens Voyagers 12 Week Master Photography Class



Join renowned photographer Charlie Naebeck in an immersive 12-week photography masterclass, Lens Voyagers. Journey through the fascinating realms of photography, from understanding your equipment to composition, lighting, diverse photography genres, post-processing, and portfolio creation. Alongside this, gain real-world skills such as setting up a photography business. Perfect for all levels, this course will transform you into a skilled visual storyteller, equipped with a portfolio showcasing your unique style, and the confidence to venture into professional photography. Learn, practice, critique, and connect with a global community of photography enthusiasts, all under Charlie’s expert guidance. Let your adventure in the world of photography begin!


Embark on a thrilling 12-week journey through the multifaceted world of photography, masterfully guided by renowned photographer Charlie Naebeck. Lens Voyagers is an immersive masterclass designed to transform photography novices into skilled visual storytellers.

Week 1 – Understanding Your Equipment: Start your journey by diving deep into the intricate workings of your camera. You’ll learn to adjust various settings and comprehend the effects they produce, covering crucial topics like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and their combined role in the exposure triangle.

Week 2 – Composition and Lighting: Illuminate your path with the exploration of composition and lighting. Discover the ‘rules’ of composition and master the art of bending them. Unravel the potential of natural and artificial light, and the dramatic use of shadows to create powerful images.

Week 3 – Street & Portrait Photography: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of street and portrait photography in week 3. Capture the pulse of urban life and frame soulful portraits, crafting unique narratives through your lens.

Week 4 – Still Life & Landscape Photography: Experience the serenity of still life and the grandeur of landscapes in week 4. Learn to transform simple objects and sweeping vistas into compelling visual narratives.

Week 5 – Architectural and Night Photography: Week 5 unveils the artistry of architectural and night photography. Master the capture of symmetry in structures and the enchanting allure of the nocturnal world, enriching your photographic language with new perspectives.

Week 6 – Travel and Adventure Photography: Venture into the thrilling domain of travel and adventure photography in week 6. Learn to encapsulate the spirit of diverse cultures and adrenaline-pumping activities, translating your experiences into evocative visual stories.

Week 7 – Post-Processing and Editing: Week 7 introduces you to the digital darkroom. Understand the transformative world of post-processing and editing to refine your images, bringing out their maximum visual impact, and enhancing their overall mood.

Week 8 – Setting up Your Photography Business: As week 8 dawns, prepare to transition your passion into a profession. Learn the essentials of launching your photography business, from devising a business plan to identifying your target market, and marketing your services effectively.

Week 9 – Starting Your Portfolio: Week 9 marks the beginning of your portfolio-building journey. Learn to critically select and curate your best work to showcase your unique style and acquired skills, ensuring you leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Week 10 – Portfolio Building – Theme Selection and Planning: Take a deep dive into the world of photo editing during week 10. Get acquainted with post-processing workflow, from selecting and sorting photos to enhancing your images using editing software.

Week 11 – Portfolio Building – Execution and Refinement: As the course nears its conclusion in week 11, refine your portfolio building process with a focus on theme selection and planning for your final project. Choose themes that echo your vision and interests, and plan your shoots to create a cohesive, powerful body of work.

Week 12 – Portfolio Review and Course Conclusion: The final week of Lens Voyagers is a celebration of your journey. Present your final project, receive constructive feedback, and discuss your future path. You’ll leave the course with an impressive portfolio, enriched knowledge, newfound confidence, and a community of fellow photographers ready to share your next adventures.

Each week involves practical assignments, constructive critiques, and inspirational learning experiences. By the end of Lens Voyagers, you’ll have a robust foundation of photography skills, a portfolio that reflects your unique style, and the confidence to undertake your own photography projects. Step into the world of Lens Voyagers and let the adventure begin!

Additional information

Lens Voyagers 12 week master photography class

Comprehensive Curriculum: The course is thoughtfully designed to cover every crucial aspect of photography, ranging from understanding your equipment to post-processing and portfolio creation.

Expert Guidance: Learn from renowned photographer Charlie Naebeck, whose vast experience in the field promises invaluable insights and practical tips.

Dynamic Learning Structure: Each week focuses on a different aspect of photography, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

Interactive Sessions: The course includes hands-on practice, constructive critiques, and creative assignments that stimulate learning and creativity.

Real-World Applications: The course encompasses professional aspects, such as setting up a photography business and portfolio building, preparing students for a professional photography career.

Personal Development: Students will develop a personal style and narrative through the portfolio building component of the course.

Global Community: Connect with fellow photography enthusiasts from around the world, building a supportive and collaborative network.

Access to Resources: Students will have access to various resources and references to supplement their learning journey.

Lifetime Access: The masterclass provides lifetime access to all course materials, allowing students to learn at their own pace and revisit topics as needed.

Suitable for All Levels: Whether you're a complete novice or a photography enthusiast seeking to polish your skills, Lens Voyagers is suitable for all skill levels.