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Embrace the call of the shutter and step into the realm of extraordinary with our meticulously crafted 12-week master class, guided by master photographer, Charlie Naebeck. As you traverse through this expansive journey, you'll unravel the art and science of photography, equipping yourself with the prowess to seize moments and etch them into eternity - the adventure of your creative journey awaits!

About Lens Voyagers

Charlie Naebeck, an internationally acclaimed photographer with a career spanning 34 years, has worked for prestigious companies like Conde Nast and Live Nation.

But the genesis of his photographic journey was profoundly personal—receiving his first camera from his grandmother at age 10, a gift that sparked an enduring passion for the art form.

Charlie’s teaching influence is as wide-ranging as his professional photography career, having reached students in more than 70 countries.

Esteemed institutions such as New York University and the University of Michigan have invited him as a guest lecturer, and he’s shared his expertise through platforms like Adorama and Photo Manhattan.

Moreover, he has conducted numerous workshops globally, thereby sharing his vast knowledge and inspiring budding photographers worldwide.

Driven by a heartfelt desire to pay forward the precious gift he received as a child, Charlie established the Lens Voyagers masterclass.

His objective? To ignite in others the same creative spark that was kindled in him all those years ago.

In Lens Voyagers, Charlie not only imparts his richly comprehensive knowledge and expert techniques but also cultivates a passionate love for photography in each student, inspiring them to embark on their own unique journeys.

Lens Voyagers is more than a masterclass—it’s an embodiment of Charlie’s unwavering commitment to spreading the joy and art of photography, turning it into a voyage of self-discovery and creative exploration for every single participant.

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Charlie Naebeck

Charlie Naebeck, Owner and Instructor of Lens Voyagers