Explore, Capture, Create: Your Journey Begins Here.

Embrace the call of the shutter and step into the realm of extraordinary with our meticulously crafted 12-week master class, guided by master photographer, Charlie Naebeck. As you traverse through this expansive journey, you'll unravel the art and science of photography, equipping yourself with the prowess to seize moments and etch them into eternity - the adventure of your creative journey awaits!

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Course Overview: Lens Voyagers Masterclass with Charlie Naebeck

Embark on a thrilling 12-week journey through the multifaceted world of photography, masterfully guided by renowned photographer Charlie Naebeck. Lens Voyagers is an immersive masterclass designed to transform photography novices into skilled visual storytellers.

Week 1 – Understanding Your Equipment:

Begin your journey by getting to know your gear. Dive into the intricate workings of your camera and learn to manipulate settings to produce different effects. We’ll cover topics like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how they interact in the exposure triangle.

Week 2 – Composition and Lighting:

Discover the role of composition and lighting in creating powerful images. Unearth the ‘rules’ of composition and learn when to follow or break them. Explore the magic of natural and artificial light, and the art of using shadows.

Week 3: Exploring Street & Portrait Photography

Embrace the dynamic energy of urban life and the essence of individuals in Week 3 of Lens Voyagers, where we explore street and portrait photography. Learn to capture the pulse of the streets and soulful portraits, narrating unique stories through your lens in this engaging week of our journey.

Week 4: Diving into Still Life & Landscape Photography

Step into the serene worlds of still life and landscape photography in Week 4 of Lens Voyagers. Discover how to translate the grandeur of nature and the elegance of everyday objects into powerful visual narratives, honing your artistic eye and expanding your photographic palette.

Week 5: Unveiling the Art of Architectural and Night Photography

Join us in Week 5 of Lens Voyagers as we unveil the art of architectural and night photography, exploring the symmetry of structures and the allure of the after-hours. Learn to create captivating images of architectural marvels and the enchanting nocturnal landscape, enriching your photographic repertoire with diverse, engaging perspectives.

Week 6: Delving Into Travel and Adventure Photography

In Week 6 of Lens Voyagers, we embark on an exciting journey into the world of travel and adventure photography. Discover how to encapsulate the spirit of new places, cultures, and thrilling outdoor pursuits, translating your experiences and adventures into dynamic and evocative visual stories.

Week 7: Mastering Post-Processing and Editing

Step into the digital darkroom in Week 7 of Lens Voyagers, where we delve into the transformative world of post-processing and editing. Learn to fine-tune your images, enhancing their visual impact and mood, to fully realize your creative vision and give your photography a professional edge.

Week 8: Setting up Your Photography Business

Transition your passion into a profession in Week 8 of Lens Voyagers, as we guide you through the process of setting up your own photography business. Learn about creating a compelling business plan, identifying your target market, and effectively marketing your services to launch and sustain your successful photographic venture.

Week 9: Starting Your Portfolio

Begin curating your visual narrative in Week 9 of Lens Voyagers, as we guide you through the first steps of starting your photography portfolio. Learn to critically select and arrange your best work, showcasing your unique style and skills to make a strong, lasting impression on your audience.

Week 10: Portfolio Building – Theme Selection and Planning

Dive into the world of photo editing. Understand the post-processing workflow, from selecting and sorting photos to using editing software to enhance your images.

Week 11: Portfolio Building – Execution and Refinement

Deepen your portfolio building process in Week 10 of Lens Voyagers as we focus on theme selection and planning for your final project. Learn to choose compelling themes that resonate with your personal vision and interests, and effectively plan your shoots to create a cohesive, powerful body of work.

Week 12: Portfolio Review and Course Conclusion

Celebrate your photographic journey and achievements in the final week of Lens Voyagers with a comprehensive portfolio review and course conclusion. Present your final project, receive constructive feedback, and discuss the next steps on your path, leaving the course with a portfolio, enriched knowledge, newfound confidence, and a community of fellow photographers.

Each week will involve hands-on practice, constructive critiques, and inspirational assignments. By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have a solid foundation of photography skills, a portfolio showcasing your unique style, and the confidence to undertake your own photography ventures. Step into the world of Lens Voyagers and let the adventure begin!

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